What is penetration testing

What is Penetration Testing?

What is penetration testing? Penetration testing, also called ‘pen test,’ is a way to simulate an attack against a system to discover any vulnerabilities.

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Gray box testing

What is Gray Box Testing?

Gray Box Testing is a software testing technique where only a partial knowledge of the internal structure of the application is required.

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Writing a good bug report

Writing a Good Bug Report – Tips & Tricks

Writing a good quality bug report is an important skill that all testers must have. What should be included in bug reports? These tips will help you to write quality defects that will be valued by your developers.

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Mistakes in Delegation

Common Mistakes in Delegation

There is more to delegating than just passing a task to a less senior colleague. Done properly, it can enrich the work lives of both you and your subordinate, as well as benefit your organization.

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