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A successful test management process requires a set of QA tools. In the world of software testing, like many areas of software development, there is no shortage of tools. shares information about the latest and greatest software testing and QA tools.

Test management tools

Best Test Management Tools

Test management tools help testing teams improve efficiency, organization, and collaboration by writing and management testing documents in a single place.

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QA tools are vital to the success of a testing team

Test management involves a lot of documentation, processes, and collaboration. Traditionally, most – if not all of this – was done using spreadsheets. Today, there are far more efficient, effective, and easier ways to coordinate testing teams and projects.

QA tools

QA tools range from test case management tools, test automation tools, cross browser testing tools, and much more. Modern software teams use these tools to improve how they work, and ultimately deliver higher quality products to their customers.

If you’re just getting started and looking for ways to optimize your software testing process, or if you’re looking to replace an existing tool, you’re in the right spot. QA tools come in all shapes and sizes, and depending on your team’s structure and way of working, some tools might be a better fit than others.

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Top Usability Testing Tools List

Usability is a crucial non-functional testing aspect allowing businesses to obtain useable feedback from users. Here's our top usability testing tools list.

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Top Load Testing Tools List

Load testing is important for understanding the scalability of an application under test. Here's our list of the top load testing tools.

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User & Customer Feedback Tools List

Customer feedback tools give your customers a voice and your product team confidence. Here's a list of some of the top user feedback tools available today.

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Top API Testing Tools List

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