Load testing tools list

Top Load Testing Tools List

Load testing is important for understanding the scalability of an application under test To do it properly, you need the right tool for the job.

Load testing is performed to find out how well a website or application behaves under a specific load. With so many tools available, which one is right for your needs or those of your organization? To help you to make an informed decision when the time comes, we have reviewed and then compiled a load testing tool list of 15 very different load testing tools.

Load Testing Tools List


JMeter is an open source Java tool that tests the performance of both dynamic and static resources. It can test web applications, SOAP and REST web services, FTP, database, etc. It is a mature and widely utilized open source tool that simulates heavy loads on distinctive servers and groups of servers, as well as networks. You can also analyze the performance of each during specific load types.

Price: Free
URL: jmeter.apache.org


This tool allows you to run JMeter and a number of other open source load tests on the cloud. It offers detailed and interactive timeline graph reports and is so simple to use that all levels will be able to use it to easily simulate load when using this tool.

Price: Free for 50 concurrent users, 10 tests and 1 shared load generator. Then, £99 – 499 dollars per month depending on options.
URL: blazemeter.com


StresStimulus is feature rich and supports an extensive range of web setups. It can record traffic for mobile devices such as Android, Apple, and Blackberry, as well as for Windows. It works with Java, PHP, and ASP.NET and can support systems like CRM, Silverlight, and SharePoint and is the only software that can be used as an add-on to work with Fiddler. StresStimulus also offer a stand-alone version. This tool measures scalability and web performance on extreme traffic loads.

Price: Free with limited features, and $1,040 – $3,950 per month based on the load testing requirements
URL: stresstimulus.com


This tool supports conversion of selenium script. It simulates the activity of real users and removes bottlenecks in web and mobile applications. Furthermore, it can create ‘drag and drop’ loops, test conditions, etc. It can also check the paths taken by users and find new ones if needed, in order to avoid errors. Also, it provides a prefilled transaction list, so it makes the recording quicker. This tool is one of the favorites amongst performance testing professionals.

Price: Contact for a quote.
URL: neotys.com

Load testing tools list


This tool can predict future issues in the performance of web apps and can detect errors and bottlenecks early in the development phase. It lowers the debugging time and offers the best testing experience. Gatling is one of the best amongst open source performance tools and is rated highly by DevOps.

Price: Free
URL: gatling.io


This desktop tool is getting a lot of attention these days. Coming from Smartbear, the makers of TestComplete, it offers testing for .NET and Java, and does not require code inputs to generate levels of traffic. It also has test options for Firefox, Chrome, and IE, offers scalability testing for web applications as well as websites and can also offer checks for secure, as well as non-secure traffic.

Price: $230 – $1625 per month on 1 year subscription.
URL: smartbear.com/product/loadcomplete/overview/


This tool has the option of sending reports to mobiles and desktops for convenience. The performance of websites can be analyzed, and it can supply extensions that work with ASP.NET, Silverlight and Adobe Flash. Moreover, this tool creates tests for mobile applications, ERP systems, and web services in a few minutes. The results are delivered in 20 distinct reports. Also, during the runtime, detailed graphs are provided that track performance. This tool definitely hits the top notch when it comes to in-depth analysis and the reporting of test results.

Price: WAPT – $700, WAPT Pro – $1,200
URL: loadtestingtool.com

Test Studio

This tool offers testing for Android, AJAX, WPF, and HTML5. Users can choose and share references from EE (element explorer). It also offers complete test automation resolution for GUI, load, performance and API testing. Users can also test NativeScript applications on more than 500 devices. It is an excellent tool for testing mobile, web, and desktop apps, and is a favorite tool for testers because it covers both functional and nonfunctional automation requirements.

Price: DevCraft – $1.499 per developer (perpetual license), Telerik Platform – $39 a month per developer.
URL: telerik.com/teststudio


This tool, known for its simplicity, is an uncomplicated open source tool that measures the performance of web servers. It can test the standard HTTP payload of the app that is under test and can create and maintain server overloads. It also has a high performance that can help make micro as well as macro benchmarks.

Price: Free
URL: github.com/httperf/httperf

Visual Studio Team Services

This Microsoft tool offers quick and easy cloud-based load testing. It can be helpful in making tests a lot simpler compared to many of the more traditional load testing tools. It connects the results of the tests with server diagnostics, and can also record and replay the actions that took place during the test. The tool integrates well with other team services features such as test management, functional tests and continuous delivery of the application under test.

Price: Free – 5 users, then $30 per month – Teams of up to 10 users
URL: visualstudio.com/team-services/cloud-load-testing/


WebLOAD is another popular enterprise load testing tool. It produces test scripts in JavaScript and has a visually intuitive interface, making it easier to create and control load testing scripts. Moreover, it offers testing of performance for server-side, cloud, web and mobile apps. It works well with products from SAP, Oracle, Microsoft etc.

Price: It has a free edition but for more features, contact them for quote.
URL: radview.com


This tool is cloud-based, so removing hardware hassle. It reveals load stress for browsers from the real world and is recommended by Dell, Comcast, and Volvo. No doubt a tool that can handle the demands of top enterprising performers.

Price: You pay by test. Every virtual machine – $4, HTTP load – $0.01 a minute, Full Browser Load – $0.10 a minute, and storing test result data – $9.99 a month.
URL: loadview-testing.com


Probably regarded as the best performance tool in the market, LoadRunner supports numerous apps, provides detailed test reports for web and mobile performance, and makes it easy for you to understand and analyze reports. You can observe the system’s complete performance and issues, and see what needs to be done to fix them. Also, it offers load testing with tools such as IDE, JUnit, etc.

Price: Contact for quote.
URL: software.microfocus.com


LoadUI is a top API load testing tool that enables the reusing of SoapUI Pro functional tests. It can run various load test scenarios simultaneously and offers flexible load testing from the cloud for mobiles, websites, web applications and APIs. It is also possible to observe the interactions between each scenario and impact, as well as the reaction of your server to load. It also offers diagnoses of bottlenecks.

Price: Contact for a quote.
URL: loadui.org

Rational Performance Tester

This is another performance testing legend that tops the performance testing tools list for enterprise companies. This tool permits early and continuous testing of DevOps access and enables you to find out the extent of how scalable your web and server are. It is also able to identify bottlenecks and system problems, plus their causes.

Price: Contact for a quote.
URL: ibm.com

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