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The world of QA and software is constantly evolving. As QA professionals, it is our duty to stay up to speed with the latest changes, tools, processes, and QA trends. The abundance of QA knowledge being shared today is often difficult to filter through. Everyone has opinions and it’s easier than ever to share those opinions. At, we aim to deliver valuable information you can use day-to-day and throughout your career as a QA professional.

What is Confirmation Testing

What is Confirmation Testing?

Confirmation testing, or retesting, checks bug fixes to make sure the reported issue has been corrected and the product works as intended.

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QA knowledge keeps you ahead of the competition

No software testing project is the same, and every team works a little differently. The amount of QA knowledge you gain will have a broad impact on the software your team builds, and this, after all, is where a strong QA leader really shines. Understanding different types of software testing processes, technologies, and software development methodologies means you’re prepared for a variety of work environments and QA roles.

QA knowledge

The technology industry is competitive and changing rapidly. The level of QA knowledge you absorb and put to use can lead to a successful career in software testing and keep you ahead of the competition. Maybe you’re just starting out your career in QA, or maybe you’re a veteran. Whatever the case, keeping up with the latest trends and QA knowledge has many benefits and is vital to further developing your QA skills.

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Test Script Template – With Example

Creating a test script template is good practice because using a standardized document saves time when writing each new test case, and improves efficiency.

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The Art of Writing Good Test Cases

What is a Test Case, and is it worth writing good test cases? Our post tells you how to write them and benefit from good test cases, with a real example.

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Bug Life Cycle

The bug life cycle and defect life cycle are the same, but what is it? We will explain, and guide you through all the stages of the bug life cycle.

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Writing a Good Bug Report – Tips & Tricks

Writing a good quality bug report is an important skill that all testers must have. What should be included in bug reports? These tips will help you to write quality defects that will be valued by your developers.

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