Issue Tracking Tools List – Best Bug Tracking Software

An issue tracking tool is a software application that records and stores software bugs that have been reported in software development projects.

They can also be known as bug tracking tools. Most modern tools support online work and team collaboration as well as complete project management, allowing you to keep all project work in one place. When you pick your tool, you will need to consider parameters such as the ease of workflow, ability to collaborate, integration with other software process management tools and most importantly, the pricing. Belomw we offer you a list of 25 open source and licensed bug tracking and online work management tools.

Best Issue Tracking Tools

Here’s our list:

1. Trello

Trello has become the favorite tool for any software team because of its simplicity and ease of use. You can create numerous projects, virtual task boards, and cards and then assign to your team members. It’s a free tool, but by subscribing to the paid version, you will get a lot of additional features.

URL: trello.com

2. Redbooth

Redbooth is a simple online task and project management tool that allows you to track defects within a task board. It integrates with Google Drive, Slack, Evernote, Onedrive and more, and is free for up to 2 workspaces. The tool also has native apps for both desktop and mobile.

URL: redbooth.com

3. DoneDone

Donedone is an issue tracker containing all the common features typical for this type of tool. It is a commercial tool that helps with tracking as well as setting statuses, creating issues, assigning, file sharing, SVN and GIT integration.

URL: getdonedone.com

4. Jira

Jira is an incident management tool that can also be used for bug tracking. It offers a set of workflows, recording, reporting, and other process management features and integrates well with code development environments, so it is useful for developers too. Besides helping the software development industry, Jira also supports customer desks, management systems and the like. It also holistically supports agile projects, and as a commercially licensed product, has add-ins that support extensibility with other tools. A free trial version is available.

URL: atlassian.com/software/jira

5. Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects gives you online project management and team collaboration features, and it allows you to track defects through either a task list or task board. In addition, it supports help desk management as well as team chat features. A free edition of this tool is available for a team of up to 5 users.

URL: teamwork.com

Issue Tracking Tools List

6. ActiveCollab

This is another favorite cloud-based task management tool used by software teams around the world. Other than task management and bug tracking, it supports team collaboration, time tracking, and invoicing. It is a commercial tool that offers a 30 days trial.

URL: activecollab.com

7. Github

Github is primarily a source code management (SCM) tool, although its project management module also supports issue tracking as well. You can choose a cloud version or an on-premise version as you prefer. The Github project management module is a commercial version and it offers a 45 days free trial.

URL: github.com

8. Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is another modern project management tool that extends support to bug and issue tracking. It also supports agile project management which makes it ideal for agile practitioners. It’s a commercial tool that comes with a 30 day trial period but is free to use for teams of up to 3 users.

URL: pivotaltracker.com

9. Redmine

This tool is an open source issue tracking system that integrates with SCM. Although it works with issues such as tasks, bugs/defects, and features, it is not a dedicated bug-tracking tool. Redmine requires Ruby to be installed on your server to allow it to be hosted locally.

URL: redmine.org
Redmine Hosting: plan.io

10. Codebase

As well as supporting your projects and tasks, Codebase also manages and tracks your code repository. It easily integrates with SVN and Git and is a paid tool that comes with 15 day trial.

URL: codebasehq.com

11. Manuscript

Manuscript (formerly called FogBugz), is a web-based bug tracking system where you can list, assign, create, and work on issues that it refers to as ‘cases’. In order to assess the progress of the cases to be evaluated, a set of milestones can be created too. It also lets you create wikis that can be made available to the public. It is a ‘simple to use’ tool and is available as a commercial product with reasonable pricing.

URL: manuscript.com

12. Mantis

Even though Mantis has a simple UI, it is one of the best bug tracking tools available on the market, considering how simple and easy the workflow is. The tool is implemented in PHP, with a web application and mobile version available as well. It is free to use but if you prefer it hosted, it can be purchased at a reasonable price.

URL: mantisbt.org or the hosted service mantishub.com

13. Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a simple online project management tool where you can manage cards on your task board to track tasks. It is free for up to 3 users.

URL: clubhouse.io

14. Wrike

Wrike is another easy to use streamlined work management solution which is tailor-made for scalable software development projects. Supporting document proofing and approval, it also integrates with Jira and Github. The tool is free for up to 5 users.

URL: wrike.com

15. Asana

Asana keeps work management simple and effective. It supports agile as well as other software development methodologies, and defects can be tracked within a task board. The tool comes with native mobile app support and is free for start-up teams, but there is a fee for more powerful management solutions.

URL: asana.com

16. YouTrack

YouTrack is an issue management tool as well as an agile-centric project management tool. Its features that help in handling agile projects, scrum boards, custom workflows, etc. YouTrack is a commercial tool that also has a free trial version.

URL: jetbrains.com/youtrack

17. Trac

Trac is a web-based tool written in the Python language. It was not developed especially for bug tracking, but is mainly used as an issue tracking tool. Integrating Trac with a Source Control Management (SCM) system allows you to browse through code, view its history, commits and version changes. The issues or bugs are referred to as ‘tickets’ and Trac is one of the most commonly used issue tracking tools that can be downloaded and hosted locally on your servers.

URL: trac.edgewall.org

18. Unfuddle

Unfuddle is a developer-centric bug tracking system which can be integrated with Subversion and Git. Issues are referred to as ‘tickets,’ and it has a web-based repository browser, allowing you to see all changes within files. Unfuddle is commercial with a free trial version.

URL: unfuddle.com

19. Bugzilla

Bugzilla maintains its popularity with a lot of organizations due to its simplicity of use. This web tool has all the main features found in any other bug tracking tool but has ease and convenience to go with it. Being an open-source tool, it is free to use. Support is free too, but you can also opt for paid support if you need advanced level integration.

URL: bugzilla.org

20. Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a cloud-based issue tracking tool that is also compatible with mobiles. Issues are referred to as tickets, and it is a well-organized and straightforward tool. It also has the ability to set milestones, activity stream, etc. It allows you to store project documents on cloud and is a commercial tool with a free trial version available.

URL: lighthouseapp.com

21. Zoho Projects

This cloud-based module from the Zoho Project contains everything you need in a bug tracking tool such as creating milestones, projects, bugs, tasks, reports, and documents. Even though it is a commercial product, the price is reasonable pricing, and you can try it out for free.

URL: zoho.eu/projects

22. Backlog

Backlog is an online bug tracker and project management software made for software professionals. When bugs are reported, you receive a complete history of comments, issue updates, and status changes. With the help of filters and search functions, it is easy to access reported issues. Additionally, it offers integration with Git and SVN repositories, subtasking, Gantt and burndown charts, IP access control, Wikis and more. It is free for teams of up to ten, and the paid versions offer a 30 day trial period.

URL: backlog.com


BugHost is a web-based issue tracking system that is simple to use and has all the features needed for managing issues. It is a paid for tool but is not highly priced and is one of the most commonly used commercial tools around the world.

URL: bughost.com

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